iPhone 14 Release Dates, Features, News & Rumours

The latest iPhone available on the market is the iPhone 12, which was launched in late 2020. It’s not even a year old and users are already looking forward to the next Apple release.

If rumours are to be trusted, iPhone 13 is going to receive only a few small improvements. This means we might have to wait until the launch of the iPhone 14, which will launch in September 2020, for the big changes to take over.

These big changes might be coming, but not in time for the iPhone 13. We are expecting things like Apple finally dropping the notch and adopting a punch-hole to house the front camera. It is also possible that Apple may put the selfies camera under the display. iPhone 14 will come with in-display fingerprint sensor.

Update 13/08/2021

According to rumors, the new iPhone 14 model could include both Touch ID and Face ID. For all this time, iPhones had only one security feature. But based on the new patent granted to Apple, they may include both the security options in their upcoming iPhone 14 models.

Although iPhone 14 is expected to arrive by 2022, Apple enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the rumors to be confirmed.

One thing that remains a mystery is how Apple is planning to include the Touch ID in their phones. They could either include the feature in the screen itself or to the power button as they did with their new iPad Air.

Another rumor claims that iPhone 14 may pack a 4nm processor. Apple has been using a 5nm chipset for all its current products. But this could change with the arrival of the new iPhone 14 in 2022.

According to sources, the next generation of iPhones that are set to release next year may feature an intermediate 4nm processor.

However, none of this information is confirmed by Apple officials. At this point, it is hard to judge if the rumors are true or it’s just used to get public attention. We are still a year away from the release of the iPhone 14.

The release of the iPhone 14 is a year away, but users are already hyped about it. Based on the information we have collected from legit sources, we are going to share the details with you. So let’s see what all to expect from Apple iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Release Date


IPhone 14 will release in September 2022. The iPhone 14 comes in 3 variant namely iPhone 14, IPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple is planning to stop production of iPhone 14 mini. As you already know the release of the iPhone 14 is a year away. At this point, it is nearly impossible to guess the exact release date of the iPhone 14. However, based on Apple’s history of release dates, we can work something out.

For the past 8 years, iPhones have followed a distinctive timing pattern, which can help us predict the release of the 2022 iPhone. If you look back at the past release dates, you will notice that Apple consistently avoids launching new phones on 11th September.

In most cases, they announce the launch of the new iPhone on the second Tuesday of the month and then release the phones on Friday of the following week.

Back in 2011, Tim Cook shifted the release dates for iPhones to yearly September launch events.

Figuring out the release of the new iPhone 14 in 2022 isn’t an exact science. Based on the history of their release dates, you can surely make an educated guess. New iPhones are usually launched in September or October every year. However, there can be few exceptions.

The first four iPhones were released in June or July. But the launch dates changed in the case of the iPhone 4S, which was because of the release of new iPad models.

With the release of the iPhone 5 in September, Apple has been consistently following the same time pattern for all their new iPhones. This means all-new iPhone models arrive during the fall.

If everything goes as planned, then we can expect iPhone 14 to arrive by the fourth Friday of September 2022. At this point, no one can guess the exact date of the iPhone 14 launch.

iPhone 14 Concept Design

Coming to the design, we noticed major changes in iPhone 12. From rounded edges, it shifted to flat sites and a style that is similar to the iPhone 4 era. It is expected that iPhone 13 will retain much of these design aspects. This means the exterior design won’t be changed significantly, except for additional camera lenses or a new colour.

As far as iPhone 14 is concerned, it is expected to drop the notch design and move to a hole-punch design. If this comes true, then iPhone will have a similar design as its competitors, especially in terms of silhouette. It is being said that they may reduce the Face ID notch size this year, by around 15%.

According to rumours, the new iPhone 14 is going to be a truly port-less design. Apple has always made an effort to reduce the number of ports in their phones. If these rumours are true, then Apple might launch a phone with zero ports.

In the present iPhone models, we have a square camera lens layout. But it is expected that Apple may adopt the diagonal camera layout in the new iPhone 14.

Many are also talking about iPhone 14 having a rotating screen. Many of the big phone companies have already launched phone models with rotating screens. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple also follows in their footsteps.

However, we cannot be certain of any of this information in regards to design. Unless Apple officially announces the launch of the iPhone 14, it is hard to confirm anything.

iPhone 14 Features

When it comes to iPhone models, users are always expecting new features from Apple. This brings us to the discussion of iPhone 14 features, what to expect and what not to expect.

  • Camera

Unlike other phone companies, Apple doesn’t change its camera’s megapixel often. It is suggested that Apple is considering a 48MP camera for iPhone 14. Besides that, users may get 8K video, zoom camera, and under-display Face ID solution. However, none of this information is confirmed.

Some rumours suggest a fourth camera module could be included in a future iPhone. This is expected to be a periscope lens using light-folding for clicking long-distance pictures.

  • Display

As already mentioned once, Apple might remove the notch from the entire iPhone display. If this happens, it will affect the aspect ratio of the screen. There is a chance that Apple could make their devices shorter so the display space remains the same.

If they include the hole-punch camera, it would affect the display as well. This would enable a full-length status bar. In that case, they will have to address how content is viewed if there is a hole-punch camera on the screen.

Other rumours suggest iPhone 14 has a 120Hz LTPO display. This could reduce battery consumption by up to 20%.

  • 5G

Just like iPhone 12, iPhone 14 is also expected to have an inbuilt 5G modem for a fast and seamless internet experience. Apple might consider their present 5G modem feature to enhance the user experience in the future.

  • Biometrics

iPhone face ID was introduced with iPhone X. But Apple has also been working on their Touch ID feature in the phone display. There is a high possibility that iPhone 14 will come with multiple biometrics.

iPhone 14 Price

As far as its pricing is concerned, iPhone 14 is expected to have similar price rates as iPhone 12.

The price of iPhone models depends on the variant. We are expecting prices to range from $799 to $1,199. we’d expect the prices $799, $899, $1099 and $1,199 for iPhone 14 mini, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. respectively.

Final Words

The release of the iPhone 14 is a year away. The information included in this post is all based on assumptions and rumours. To get confirmed details, we will have to wait for Apple’s official announcement.