Analysts Say: Not Much To Expect From iPhone 13 & iPhone 14

The smartphone industry is driven by innovation. In recent years, we have received several new smartphone innovations. Unfortunately, Apple is not the one leading the trend.

In terms of innovation, Apple has been mostly behind its competitors. Over the last few years, the tech giant has not been very innovative and we don’t know why. One of the biggest examples is 5G. Apple is one year late in launching a 5G smartphone.

However, this is not the only feature to talk about. Apple will use a screen refresh rate above 60Hz for the first time in its upcoming iPhone 13 series. The company has been three or more years behind the competition.

Despite all the delays, we are sure of one thing that sooner or later, it will use the technology and when it does, they strive to provide the best output.

They might lack in smartphone innovation, but in many cases, they provide better results than the competition.

What about iPhone 13 & iPhone 14?

As you already know iPhone 13 & and iPhone 14 are the two upcoming smartphones from Apple. The former is set to release this year, while the latter is expected to arrive in 2022.

Looking at the current market and technological trends, analysts are advising users not to expect much from iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. This may be a matter of concern for iPhone lovers. But we are here to shed some light on this news.

After the success and high iPhone 12 sales, analysts expect future sales to go down. The main reason behind this is the fallen share value of Apple.

Apple’s share price has decreased, since the release of its quarterly earnings report. To make things worse, the upgrades between iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 may not be very significant.

Apple’s second-quarter financial report was released on 28th April. The tech giant has already given us a hint about its June quarter performance. They are expecting the share price to slow down further. The company has claimed that their June quarter report performance is poorer than the March quarter reports a few years ago.

Even Wall Street is not positive about the sale of the upcoming iPhone 13, which will be released later this year. Barclays Bank analyst, Tim Long believes that sales for the next two generations of Apple iPhones are going to be weak.

Based on the past model, it is observed that after one generation of hot iPhone sales, the next two generations of iPhones suffer weak sales. Experts also claim that the foldable iPhone is expected to arrive in 2023. The iPhone 15 will have a hot sale.

According to analysts, both foldable and iPhone 15 will arrive in the same year. However, this is just a prediction and nothing is confirmed yet.

Analysts also believe that Apple will have stronger sales in 2023.

Since the beginning of this year, Apple’s stock value has decreased significantly. It is said to have gone down by 1.9%. This sharp fall in their stock price has made people refer to Apple’s stock as “dead money.”

On May 7th, the stock prices of the company increased by $0.69. This means they witnessed a rise of 0.53%, to close at $130.21. This is a slightly less than $131.26 price during the session.

Analysts are quite confident about Apple’s low sales with the next two generations of iPhones. However, they are not so certain about its innovation trend. If Apple manages to bring in some never-seen-before innovations to iPhone 14, it might have good sales against popular opinion.

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