Apple iPhone 14 Could Feature Both Face ID & Touch ID : New Patent

Apple is one of those brands that is always trying to come up with something new for its users. Given the popularity of Apple, the company has cultivated a good ‘leaker’ community, over the years.

iPhone 14 Patent

Whenever there is a new Apple product to be released, the whole internet gets flooded with rumours and leaks. The latest rumour is regarding a new Apple patent that suggests that iPhone 14 may include both Touch ID and Face ID.

Apple 14 To Include Both Face ID & Touch ID

The tech giant is yet to make an announcement related to the upcoming iPhone 13 models and we already have rumours churning about the iPhone 14 model.

According to sources, the new iPhone 13 model is going to be packed with many new features. But having both Face ID and Touch ID doesn’t seem like a possibility.

Based on a report by Mashable, Apple has recently got their new patent that suggests its future iPhone models could have both these security features.

If this turns out to be true, users will be happy as they have always complained about the loss of Touch ID in iPhone devices. However, we are yet to know how the Touch ID will be included in the device.

There is a possibility that Apple could include the touch ID in iPhone just the way they did with their new iPad Air model. They could choose to add this feature inside the screen itself or to the power button of the device. An iPhone 14 with both Touch ID and Face ID would be the best thing for Apple users.

iPhone Leaks for Upcoming iPhone 14 Models

Apple proves to be a notorious brand when it comes to sharing information about its upcoming devices. They try to keep it a secret until the unveiling event itself. It is because of this reason; we are short of any official information about the upcoming iPhone models.

Latest Report Says: Apple iPhone 13 is Not Equipped for M1 Chip

But some rumours suggest that Apple is planning to include some big changes to the upcoming iPhone models. For iPhone 13, the major change is expected to be the display screen. Reports suggest that the tech giant decide to reduce the notch size for their future iPhone models. Not just that, but they could also add a 120Hz refresh rate.

Analysts Say: Not Much To Expect From iPhone 13 & iPhone 14

Another big change that is expected is reversible charging where users will be able to charge their iPhones using other iPhones.

While iPhone 13 is about to arrive, we are still a year away from the release of the iPhone 14. At this point, it is hard to confirm anything about iPhone 14 models.

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