Apple To Add New Features To iMessage for iOS 16 Update; May Make It Better Than WhatsApp

With the release of iOS 16 closing in, users want to know more details about the upcoming update.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is going to add some new features to the upcoming iOS 16.

He claims that Apple is working to expand notifications and deliver them based on the status of the user. He also said that the company may provide iOS users with more insight into data protection relating to apps.

Among all these changes, iMessage is getting more attention from Apple. iMessage is Apple’s messaging service which is at par with the rival, WhatsApp. According to sources, Apple is working to introduce some social media-centric features to the messaging app.

However, the changes are not known yet. If the speculations are true, then users can expect something great from iOS 16.

Any social media features added in iMessage are exclusive to iPhone users. With iMessage as the most popular chatting app in the US, it will be a good way for Apple to keep its users within its ecosystem.

What else we know?

Based on the current development, it is clear that Apple wants to make its messaging app better than its competitor WhatsApp.

According to Gurman’s sources, the tech giant wants to add more social media functions on iMessage. They want their chat app to look more like a social network.

If you pay attention to your surroundings, you know WhatsApp from Facebook is the top-most messaging app in the market. Therefore, Apple has every reason to invest more time and effort here.

For example, users would love the option to edit messages after they have sent them. But nothing is confirmed as of yet.

This new update from Apple will be a great blow to all third-party services. With Facebook owning both WhatsApp and Instagram, they will take the biggest hit by iMessage’s introduction of social media-centric features.

Facebook CEO had predicted this long back when he highlighted Apple’s dominant stance in the segment.

Earlier in January, Zuckerberg said that iMessage is a very important app in the Apple ecosystem. It comes pre-installed on every iPhone model and they prefer it with private permissions and APIs. This is why it is the most used messaging app in the whole U.S.

According to a CNBC report, Apple is likely to highlight the features on its iMessage app. The update will be in line with the company’s recent efforts to restrict data collection by third-party apps. This will be a part of the upcoming iOS 14.5 update.

On the other hand, Facebook said that it will act as a massive challenge and put efforts to stop third-party apps from collecting user data, which is then used for target advertisements.

When is iOS 16 coming?

The next operating system for iPads and iPhones will be called iPadOS 16 and iOS 16, respectively.

If Apple decides to follow its old pattern, which they have followed for several years, then we can expect iOS 16 to arrive in autumn. To be more precise, it should arrive in the middle of September.

The upcoming iOS 16 will drop support for many of the old iPhone models such as the first generation iPhone SE and 6S. Both these models are 5 and a half years old, so it was pretty obvious.

iOS 16 is going to come with a major update with many new features for iMessage. After reading this, you should be excited to know all the exciting features Apple is going to add in iMessage to make it better than WhatsApp.

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