Apple to Introduce An 8-Inch Foldable iPhone In 2023, Leaks Out

Apple is reported to be working on a new foldable iPhone model, suggests Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He believes that the company is currently working on a foldable iPhone, which they will release in 2023.

The foldable iPhone is expected to feature an 8-inch QHD+ flexible OLED display with a silver nanowire touch system. According to Kuo, Apple will ship around 20 million units of the new foldable iPhone in 2023.

Previously, news related to a foldable iPhone was thought to be just rumors. But after the release of the latest report by Kuo, it seems to add more weight to the news. To know more about this topic, you should continue to read this article.

Foldable iPhone To Arrive In 2023

Apple analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo has stated that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. He also claimed that the company will launch 20 million units in 2023. Although we are two years away from 2023, the news of the new foldable iPhone has already got the fans in spins.

If his statement turns out to be true, this would be the first time Apple will have a foldable model. Competitors like Samsung and other brands have already launched foldable models in the market. To keep up with the competition, Apple is planning something grand for its 2023 iPhone model.

According to reports, the new iPhone model will come with an 8-inch QHD+ flexible OLED display. It can be folded from medium to large sizes with a durable form factor. Previously, it was said that the new foldable iPhone will have a 7.5 to 8-inch display.

Kuo earlier claimed that the tech giant could soon launch a foldable model with a 7.5 to 8-inch display in 2023. The same was stated even by MacRumors as well.

The news of Apple working on a foldable iPhone has been around since 2016. For all this time, it has nothing more than being just rumors. But now it seems like the tech giant is ready to finally launch their new foldable model.

Apple foldable iPhone is expected to come with a similar folding display as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. The same report also claimed Apple may stop the production of iPad Mini after the launch of the new foldable iPhones. They may take this decision due to poor sales.

Apple is reported to be working on some new designs that no one has seen before. Earlier this week, USPTO published 77 patent filings that were granted to Apple. It leaked out that the tech giant is planning to do something big in the coming few years. This could include different displays for iPhone, a new MacBook, and new iPad designs.

According to PatentlyApple, the USPTO published 77 patent filings granted to Apple in the previous month. These patents included an iPhone or iPad with a second display on the back. This is something that no one can imagine Apple to do.

What about other Apple products?

As far as Mac is concerned, the company may get a new Touch Bar or drop it entirely.

For the 2021 iPhone model, Apple has a lot of things planned. There is also enough hype about iPhone 14, which is expected to be released in 2022. It is reported that the new iPhone series will come with the most number of changes. According to reports, Apple may drop the notch entirely in iPhone 14. They may also make major changes to the camera and sensors.

Based on a recent leak from Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro, the new iPhone 13 model will come with the Always-On Display functionality. This means users can check the time, battery percentage, and receive notifications on display at all times.

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