Best 10.9 inch iPad Air (2020) Cases : Expert Reviews and buying Guide for iPad Air 4 Case

While attaining any expensive gadget, it is crucial to think about its safety. Gadgets are prone to scratches, drop, and numerous other damages. If you are buying an expensive device, then try to buy the protective casing or covers with them. It doesn’t only helps you to withstand the damages but also provides a scintillating look. Flaunting any of the gadgets is the trend of this time. If you are buying iPad Air 4, then it is mandatory to look for their protective cases. These cases are quite significant for security and safety purposes. This review is all about the protective cases of a newly launched device from a renowned brand. IPad Air 4 from Apple is gaining massive popularity worldwide. This generates the need for all the efficient accessories that can help it to gain aesthetics as well as extensive features.

Best 10.9-inch iPad Air Cases

Below mentioned list contains some of the best protective cases for iPad Air 4. It does provide options, but the elaborative discussion will surely be going to help you in making a decision. Let’s delve into the information that can keep your prized possession safe enough.

#1. ESR Magnetic Case for iPad Air 4 2020 10.9 Inch

When it comes to providing immense safety to an expensive gadget, people expect from something that is well manufactured. This best iPad Air 2020 case is made with par grade material that withstands any kind of damages. It helps the user in getting maximum features as well as safety for the device. This case provides seemingly the best features, among peers. The design of this case easily provides an auto sleep/wake function as this is the main concern for the user. Sometimes they cannot access the tablet under the casing.

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It is equipped with powerful built-in magnets that provides optimum locking feature between the case and iPad. This can save it from further damages as the cushion provided by the case to the device is excellent. You can attain two stand positions with the help of its trifold feature that enables you to have ideal viewing positions as well as different typing modes. It is also compatible with Apple pencil magnetic charging. The pairing is smooth and doesn’t cause any hassles.

With this, you can get adequate help as it provides safety as well as a trendy look. The lightning-fast sleep and wake make it seamless. If you are getting top of the class product for your expensive gadget, then you shouldn’t give it a second thought. It adds a pinch of fashion to your cases and makes it worthy of compliment. Opt this best ipad air 4 case and get ready to accept numerous compliments.

What we like:

  • Magnetic attachment for Apple pencil 2
  • Trifold design
  • Slim
  • Pencil’s magnetic charging
  • Strong lock

#2. MoKo Case Fit New iPad Air 4th Generation 2020

It is specifically designed for iPad 10.9″ 2020 iPad air 4th gen. It is capable of providing all the access to the features and buttons. This best iPad Air 2020 case is made up of premium leather with a microfiber interior as well as a groove for keeping small stuff just like cards, pens, and other things. With this, you can get optimum protection against any damages. Keep a check on these features and help yourself in getting an excellent product for your iPad.

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This iPad air 4 10.9 inch case is manufactured with the utmost care. It has been manufactured with PU leather that has microfiber lining on the inside. This saves your gadget from scratches. The protection provided by this case is massive and helps the user to attain a firm covering for their iPad. The combination of aesthetics and features is going to mesmerize the people and help you to get compliments. Trends and features in one product are being provided by this case that can fit our gadget to provide the utmost safety.

This case can save your device from the damages due to accidental drops, scratches, shocks, and dust. Apart from that, the kickstand features with all the additional pockets and holders make it quite useful. It is available in two different colour options that provide vividity. Apart from all the features, this casing is capable of delivering a fashionable touch to your device. Opt for this case and get a trendy yet feature-filled product for attaining maximum safety. Good luck with your purchase.

What we like:

  • Premium PU leather exterior
  • Microfiber interior
  • Four magnetic groove
  • Multiple standing positions
  • Built-in magnet cover

#3. ZtotopCase for New iPad Air 4 10.9″ Case 2020

Occupying a class apart gadget is not the only thing you should take care of. It is imperative to consider the role of accessories for them. Numerous accessories provide immense safety to the device and also help in getting proper aesthetics. It doesn’t only save you from uneven stress of damages or wear and tear, but also provides effective design. While opting for this accessory, it is quite clear that you are going to invest in an excellent product.

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It is made up of concrete construction that doesn’t add bulkiness to the whole body. The precise cutouts for all the essential buttons and other practical parts make it quite substantial for your gadget. The sensitive auto wake-sleep features are the icing on the cake, and it saves you from all the stress. It helps in providing 360-degree flexibility as well as optimum safety against any damages. Do not get stressed out of the regular wear and tear as it is going to be a par product that has all the features.

Getting a product that can provide ultimate safety to your gadget is crucial. If you are opting for a below-par quality case for your device, then it is not going to save it from damages. You can expect maximum safety with this product as it is one of the best iPad Air 10.9 inch case among peers. Apart from all the features, the fashionable approach this case provides to your gadget is a class apart. Opt this and help yourself to be trendy as well as give a sturdy companion to your iPad.

What we like:

  • 360-degree flexibility
  • Solid construction
  • Sensitive auto wake/sleep
  • Leather hand strap
  • Non-slip interior

#4. ESR Folio Case for iPad Air 4 2020 10.9 Inch 

If you want to attain a leather case for your prized possession, then this ESR Folio Case is the best option. This folio case is specifically compatible only with Apple iPad Air 4 10.9inch 2020 release. All other models of iPad are unable to be fitted in this case. With this, you will get a 360 Degree Rotating access which enables the case to swivel in both the directions. This provides better viewing and typing angles.

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It is made up of premium material that helps in providing a classic look. The inclusion of a sturdy frame makes it durable and keeps the hassles of damage away from the vicinity. In addition to that, the microfiber lining keeps your iPad safe and also provides a trendy look. With this, you also get powerful magnetic buttons that help enable the sleep/wake feature, which is one of the reliable ones for the effective functioning of the device.

It Supports the Pencil 2 magnetic attachment. This is the additional feature of this case. With the wireless charging features, it is quite clear that smooth edges and soft microfiber can keep the device away from any damages. With the lightweight and ventilation of this case, you can attain maximum comfort. This best iPad Air 2020 case can provide class apart from looking at your device that is worth regular compliments.

What we like:

  • Specially-designed cutout
  • Pure polycarbonate back
  • Fabric cover
  • Powerful magnets
  • Microfiber lining

#5. TiMOVO Case for New iPad Air 4 10.9″ 2020

Getting a compatible yet feature-filled case that can ease the usage is very important. If you are looking for an iPad case that provides safety as well as a trendy look, then this is going to be the best product on the list. It has optimal compatibility, which is made explicitly for iPad air 4. It is not going to fit any of the models other than that. It is made up of flexible TPU material that has smooth edges. This is equipped with air-pillow technology, which protects your iPad from impacts that can damage them.

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The user can get a smooth feel with wear-resistant features that can help you to use it for a long time. It is equipped with a transparent black case that is precisely formed. It is the core attribute that gives an attractive and trendy look to this cover. You can easily charge your tablet as it has a charger opening, which helps in practical usage. It is optimally slim and lightweight, which makes it quite easy to carry. You will not feel any bulkiness with your tablet.

This comfortable case has effective and stunning colour options that can help the people to get a catchy eye look. However, the features are quite excellent and provide an upper hand to this product in the market. Grab this protective casing for your prized possession and help yourself massively. The affordability helps in attaining a good protective cover for your Apple tablet. Opting this can shed all of your stress regarding keeping your prized possession safe and secured.

What we like:

  • Flexible TPU edges
  • Air-pillow technology
  • Attractive design
  • Slim and thin
  • Ultra-lightweight iPad

#6. DTTO New iPad Air 4 Case iPad 10.9 Inch Case 2020

One of the best iPad Air 4 cases that has all the functionalities and par grade quality. This is among those cases that are relatively safe and helps the user in the best possible ways. It is a new release and not compatible with any other model. It is made up of par grade material. The premium synthetic leather provides adequate safety, and the microfiber interior keeps it away from scratches and damages. Apart from these features, it has all those functionalities that make it quite efficient and straightforward.

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This case has a magnetic smart cover that can quickly provide auto wake/sleep function. The outer elastic band is equipped with magnetic closure that can effectively reduce battery draining. It has a handy leather strap that helps in one-handed operation. You can carry it easily to any place. It has multiple horizontal bracket angles that help in comfortable typing or watching a movie. With this, it is quite effective and doesn’t hassle the user.

This case has a multi-functionality that has small pockets that can hold documents or cards. It is apt for keeping notes, cash, cards, and other essential little things. You can easily flaunt a trendy look with this case as it offers class apart designs. It also has non-slip drop protection that can help the user to use the tablet without any stress of damages. The availability of features and aesthetics makes it a front runner among all the others. If you are planning to buy one, then this is going to be an ideal solution.

What we like:

  • External elastic band
  • Premium synthetic leather
  • Microfiber lining,
  • Non-slip
  • Drop protection

#7. Supveco iPad Air 4 Case 2020, Slim New iPad Air 10.9 Cases

This best iPad Air 10.9 inch case is an amalgamation of classic and professional design. If you want a slim case that has all the features with the eye-catchy look, then this is going to be the ideal option. It comes with a built-in pencil holder that has wireless charging. This is among those cases which are lightweight and effectively slim. With the easy snap on and off feature, you can expect optimal ease of use and security at the same time.

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This slim case is equipped with the utmost flexibility as the materials used in the making are of par grade. The TPU material helps in providing optimum protection to the device. The prevention from scratches and drops is the best approach as these devices are prone to small damages that can cost big. The feature of magnetic tri fold helps in attaining appropriate angle for watching content or working for a long time. It has a raised bezel that saves your camera from any damages.

This case has apt aesthetics that can attract the user. If you want a case that is not only aesthetically sound but also provides significant help in all the features, then this is an ideal choice. With this, you can get a slim profile that is way soothing to the eyes as well as it provides a trendy look to the device. It is shockproof and compatible with Apple pencil wireless charging. The additional camera protection is the key as it helps in saving your prized possession.

What we like:

  • Camera protection
  • Wireless charging
  • Shockproof
  • Slim profile

#8. Soke iPad Air 4 10.9 Case 2020 

If you are getting equipped with a prized possession that is going to be of utmost help, then that surely needs protection. This is among the best cases of iPad air. It comes under a nominal price range that makes it quite affordable and helps the user in getting a grab over this product without any second thought. The material used for the manufacturing of this case is of par quality, and it prevents all the concerns related to the efficient working of the device.

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This case is specially designed for the new iPad 10.9 model. It is not at all compatible with any other model. The design of this case consists of a built-in Apple Pencil holder that is easy to pull out. This can save it from falling out while walking. It is equipped with a soft and smooth TPU material exterior that acts as a back cover. The durability of the material is quite high and provides adequate safety. The material used for the manufacturing of this case reduces the chance of damage due to dropping and scratching.

It is equipped with a built-in magnetic strip that can quickly help you in attaining all the functions such as auto sleep or wake features. The design of this case enables maximum heat dissipation and helps to achieve optimum functionality. The ease of use factor of this product will help you in accessing full benefits. The slim profile of the cover makes it quite effective for aiding in dissipating heat effectively. With this, the issue of extra heating doesn’t take place, and it saves the device.

What we like:

  • Dual standing positions
  • Comfortable angles
  • Soft, smooth TPU material
  • Transparent shells
  • Built-in magnet
  • Energy-saving


These best iPad Air 4 covers and cases are for your prized possession. The material used for the manufacturing of these are of optimum quality and helps to prevent any damage to the iPad. If you are looking for an excellent one, then the above list of best iPad Air 2020 cases will surely help you to get the desired product. It is wise to invest sensibly as there are products that don’t last long. These should be selected based on aesthetics as well as ease of use. Opt from these and help yourself in the best possible ways. With this, it is the right time to provide safety for your prized possession.

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