7 Best iPhone 12 Leather Cases in 2020 : Best Leather case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Leather cases have a different appeal to them with the amazing look and the finish that they come with. If you are buying the new iPhone 12 and plan on investing your coins in good quality leather cases, there are a few amazing deals that you wouldn’t regret buying. From the actual leather pieces to the faux leather ones, the options are quite diverse.

But, given that there are so many good quality leather cases available in the market, finding one that is of good quality and premium looks can be a hassle. For your convenience, we are going to share a list of a few good leather cases that are compatible with the latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Best iPhone 12 leather cases in 2020

While buying a leather case, there are quite a few important pointers that you need to keep in check. From the premium look and feel to the price point, there are quite a few important considerations that you need to make. 

Some of the best Best Leather case for iPhone 12 available options include:                                             

#1. ESR Premium Real Leather Designed for iPhone 12

The very first option on the list of the best leather cases for iPhone 12 is this one from ESR. It is designed and made with premium quality leather, one that’s durable and extremely soft to touch. The best thing about this case is that every single one comes with its natural variation, making them unique.

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As for the design, it is extremely thin and lightweight, enabling you to easily slip it into your pocket without any hassle. Even with the real leather design, it is extremely durable but not heavyweight, which many tend to feel.

The microfiber like the design of the case makes this a durable and scratch-resistant model. It keeps your phone’s back panel secured from scratches and damage. It has raised bezels around the corner and the camera, providing more protection to the case.

What we like?

  • The premium quality real leather material
  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Microfiber prevents scratches on the back panel
  • Has raised bezels for more protection

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#2. SHIELDON iPhone 12 5G Case

Next up on the list is the SHIELDON iPhone 12 5G Case. Unlike the previous one, this one is a wallet case that provides all-round protection, not just for the back panel but for the front screen of the device too.

It is available in different colour variants, making this extremely compatible for people with different moods. It is made with genuine leather material, specifically cowhide leather. It has a durable soft TPU around the insides for more flexibility as well.

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If you hate the bulky design and feel of the wallet cases, you wouldn’t have to worry about the same with this one. It comes with special slots for your cards and cash. The unique feature of this case is the RFID shielding technology that keeps your personal information concealed.

The magnetic closure is very prompt and ensures to keep your cards and cash protected. It also features an invisible kickstand that lets you uphold the phone for easy viewing. The best thing is that it comes with lifetime replacement.

What we like?

  • Suitable for both variants of iPhone
  • Provides all-round protection
  • Made with durable cow-hide leather
  • Has slots for cards and cash

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#3. LOHASIC for iPhone 12 Case/iPhone 12 Pro Case

If you like premium quality leather cases featuring stunning colours and gold accents, this one from Lohasic is likely the best option in the market. It is made with refined luxury leather, which is durable and looks pretty stunning too.

The back panel of the cover has a lustrous coating that leaves a smooth and sleek feel on the hands. Given how laidback the design is, you wouldn’t have to worry about gender roles. It can be used by both men and women.

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The ultra-slim and lightweight design of the case is another highlight of this device. It adds a very timeless look to the case and is made with outstanding quality materials. If you want to go out with a business style look, this is your best bet.

Unlike several of the other leather cases, this one has a soft and flexible build that makes it easy for installing and removing. It also prevents the risks of causing damage and scratches on the device. It is compatible with both variants of the iPhone 12.

What we like?

  • Has a sleek and lightweight design
  • Compatible with both iPhone 12 variants
  • Has a soft and flexible build
  • Unisex design

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#4. SURPHY PU Leather Case Compatible with iPhone 12

Next up on the list is the SURPHY PU Leather Case Compatible with iPhone 12. This is compatible with both variants of the iPhone 12. The best thing about this case that makes it stand out is the different colour variants of the case.

As for the quality of the material, it is made with durable quality PU leather, which is long-lasting and extremely sleek looking too. The case is lightweight as well, which prevents the risks of scratches on the back panel of the phone.

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The case is accentuated with metallic buttons on the sides that further add a very premium look and feel to the case. It also features precise cuts on the case, which provides easy access to the ports and the buttons on the phone.

The case also features a stunning microfiber lining that offers a comfortable grip on the phone and prevents it from slipping out of the hands. It also comes with 365 days warranty and a free replacement offer.

What we like?

  • Precise cuts and design
  • Features metallic buttons for stunning design
  • Made with durable PU leather
  • Has a microfiber lining for better durability

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#5. KIHUWEY iPhone 12 Pro Case Wallet

Another leather case for iPhone 12 that stands out as a win is this stunning wallet case from Kihuwey. Aside from the design, it mimics the look of a wallet, which further assures you why this isn’t a bad purchase at all.

It is made with premium quality PU leather. It looks softer on the hand and comes with a comfortable grip that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on. Unlike some of the other wallet cases, this one features 5 slots for cards and cash.

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It also features a separate kickstand that allows you to experience a comfortable viewing. The cover also features a stunning raised bezel design that provides all-round protection to your phone. It drops and shockproof as well.

What we like?

  • Made with premium quality leather
  • Has 5 slots for cards
  • Has a separate kickstand
  • Shockproof design

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#6. Zttopo iPhone 12 Pro Wallet Case

Another amazing iPhone 12 leather case that you wouldn’t regret buying is this wallet case from Zttopo. More than a case, it serves the purpose of a wallet with its zipped design. It does not just protect your phone screen but also the back panel.

It features a stunning magnetic back cover that allows easy closure and opening. It absorbs shocks and protects your device from damage against falls. If you do wireless charging, it is better you remove the case and then charge your device.

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The best thing about this wallet case is its wallet part. It features 11 different card slots that let you rearrange your cards and cash and keep them concealed. It is suitable for not just men but women and even teens as well.

The cover features a sleek, premium, and elegant design that not just works with the current trends but also works for business professionals. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty and provides good after-sales service as well.

What we like?

  • Sleek and premium design
  • Magnetic closure and opening
  • Comes with 11 different card slots
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

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#7. Caislean Wallet Case for iPhone 12

Last but not least on the list is this stunning wallet case from Caislean. It is a wallet case but is made with premium quality material. It is compatible with both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, depending on what you buy.

The material of the case is made with premium quality handmade leather including the PU quality leather. The case is extremely light, durable, and made with the best quality material for long-lasting durability.

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The safe wallet flip design allows you to store your cards and cash in the back panel without any worry. It is also programmed with the RFID shielding technology that keeps your details concealed.

The cover also features full-body protection for the device. It protects the case from all sides, ensuring better protection, especially in case of falls and damage. It has a shockproof model with raised lips around the screen and the camera.

What we like?

  • Light and durable material
  • Designed with RFID shielding technology
  • Provides full body protection
  • Made with premium quality handmade leather

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Leather cases are expensive, no doubt about that. But, if you enjoy premium quality material for your phone with all-around protection, these cases are your safest bet. The majority of the options that we have mentioned around are not just budget-friendly but also feature some sleek and lightweight design.

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