iPad Mini 6 : Release Date, Price , Features and Rumors

It’s not even been a month since that iPhone 12 series is launched and we already have Apple churning rumours about a new mini iPad Mini 6.

According to rumours, the new iPad Mini is expected to arrive in 2021. This is going to be the 6th generation version of small-format iPads by Apple.

iPad Mini models are the smallest in the iPad family. They come with a screen size even smaller than an entry-level iPad. These devices are best suited for people who don’t like to use huge screens but still want to enjoy using an iPad. Despite the small screen size, iPad Mini devices pack a lot of features and processing power. They are in no way less than the bigger ipads.

However, we are not sure whether the upcoming iPad Mini will be designed to sit alongside or above the entry-level tablets. If you already own an iPhone 11 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is no use in getting an iPad Mini. That’s because they are almost the same size.

Right now, there are not enough details available on the upcoming iPad Mini 6. We only have details that are in the news or are leaking. The tech giant is yet to declare anything officially.

iPad Mini 6 Price & Release Date

There are rumours that the iPad Mini 6 is set to arrive at the beginning of 2021. But we haven’t received any specific date yet. Whatever information we are providing in this post is based on rumours, leaks, or our assumption.

Earlier, there were rumours that an Ipad cloud would be launched by Apple in September, before the arrival of the iPhone 12 models. However, that didn’t turn out to be true.

If these rumours turn out to be true, then we will have the iPad Mini 6 by next year.

Coming to the price tag, nothing has been informed yet. But according to a report, the iPad Mini 6 is not going to be an entry-level device. It is expected to have high-end specs along with a bigger price tag.

The Ipad Mini 5 is available between $399 and $679. The price is based on the storage available, connectivity options, and specs. If prices for the new iPad Mini 6 are to be raised, then we can say that the rates will be higher than this. However, it may be launched at the same price.

iPad Mini 6 Leaks & News

So far we have received only two reports. In this section, we will discuss everything that we know or guess about the new iPad Mini 6.

According to a leak, the iPad Mini 6 may come with a lightning port like the latest iPad Pro. It is also expected to have the A13 Bionic chipset along with an 8.5-inch screen.

Just to give you an idea, Ipad Mini released in 2009 has a screen size of 7.9 inches. If the leaked news is true, then iPad Mini 6 will get a screen size upgrade.

The second leak backs up the screen size assertion. But other than that it doesn’t give us any valid information.

iPad Mini 6: What we want to see?

In this section, we have discussed all the key features and specs that we as users would want to see in the new iPad Mini 6. We believe that these specs would help improve the device and also enhance its performance. That being said, now let’s look into the details.

  • Low price tag

The thing about Apple’s iPad lineup is that both iPad Minis and entry-level ipads share almost the same price point.

But given the fact that iPad Mini is the smallest tablet in the Apple family, it should have a lower price tag. However, that’s not the case because iPad Minis come with powerful specs which automatically calls for a higher price value. This leads to a lot of confusion among buyers as they are unable to decide which one to buy.

If iPad Mini 6 is to be the smallest tablet but just as powerful, and cheaper, then it would clear all the confusion. It would make things easier for buyers. Not just that but it would also make a great buy for the users.

  • Reduced bezels

Whether it be existing iPad Minis, entry-level iPad, or iPad Airs, they all come with pretty big bezels around them. The bezels are especially bigger on the sides. Many users find this annoying as it has no use.

Having bigger bezels does nothing but increase the size of the device. It doesn’t give users any extra screen size to use. For an iPad Mini, we wouldn’t want such bigger bezels. We would expect Apple to reduce the size of bezels and increase the screen size rather.

It’s fine if Apple wants to retain the physical buttons and Touch ID, but using bigger bezels is just unnecessary. It makes the device look bulky.

  • A 3.5mm headphone jack

So far all the previous iPad Mini devices have had a 3.5mm headphone jack. But we cannot be assured of this as Apple has the habit of removing ports from all its devices.

This is why it would be better if they launched iPad Mini 6 with the headphone jack. This feature is useful for users who like to use wired headphones. After all, not everyone has the money to afford AirPods. The port can also be used to plug their device into external speakers.

The 3.5mm headphone jack also serves as an audio input as users can use it to record voice notes or audio. They might like the idea of using a wired device in this case. Having the 3.5mm port make things convenient for users.

  • No LiDar Scanner

The newly launched iPad Pros comes with a LiDar scanner. It is used for AR which Apple has been working on for the past few years. But the thing is that AR is not meant for everyone.

It would be better if the Ipad Mini 6 came without a LiDar scanner. Users don’t care much about AR. Some may even find it annoying.

If there is no LiDar scanner in the upcoming iPad Mini 6, the price of the device could be lower.

  • Support for Apple Pencil 2

As many of you already know iPad Mini 5 is compatible with the first Apple Pencil. However, it has limited functionality in comparison to the new Apple Pencil 2. Also, the charging method feels annoying to most users.

It would be great if Apple would make the iPad Mini 6 and all the other tablets compatible with Apple Pencil 2. It would be more useful given its features. Even the charging style is better. All you have to do is charge it by clipping it magnetically to the slate.

We highly doubt whether Apple would fulfill this wish as Apple Pencil 2 is designed for high-end iPad Pros.

Well, that’s all you needed to know about iPad Mini 6. All the details provided in the post are based on leaks and rumours. Therefore, everything is subjected to change. As soon as any official updates are out, we will update the post.

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