iPhone 13 Release Date, Specifications, Features, And Other Details

Apple fans were not over the news of the release of the iPhone 12, but the tech giant is already churning out rumours about the launch of the iPhone 13. It is needless to say, iPhone users are all hyped up about the new iPhone 13. They desperately want to know about the features and specifications of the iPhone 13. But most importantly, they want to know the iPhone 13 release date of the same.

Well, there are no official announcements made by the company yet which means we do not have a release date at the moment. But we are here with some leaked information about iPhone 13 which also includes its release date and features. So if you are eager to know more about the upcoming iPhone 14, then you should give this article a read.

iPhone 13 Release Date

Based on Apple’s pattern for its previous launches, we are expecting the iPhone 13 to be launched on the fourth Friday of September 2021. In other words, the expected date should be September 24th, 2021.

iPhone 12 release date is on hold because of the ongoing pandemic and it may not be available until October. There are chances that it can also be delayed until November for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Keeping the pandemic in mind, it is possible that the launch of the iPhone 13 next year can get delayed. But right now, it is too early to tell. The company is yet to announce the release date of the iPhone 13. There are  some leaks about iPhone 13 cases already surface on internet.

iPhone 13 Features and Specifications

Since the release date of the iPhone 13 is a year away, most of the details about its features and specifications are based on leaked details from patents and supply chains. However, we do know that iPhone 13 is going to be a big release for Apple. The new iPhone is expected to be a futuristic smartphone with many new features.

We have managed to collect some information on the specifications and features which we are about to share with you. That being said, let’s take a look at the details of the iPhone 13.

  • Design

According to rumours, iPhone 13 is expected to have an all-glass body and display look. The makers are trying to make it a full-futuristic smartphone that you haven’t seen before.

As far as we know, there will be no buttons on the sides. Instead, there will be touch buttons buried inside the screen. It is expected that the sides will display notification and battery life. But we are not sure how much of it is true.

Another rumour related to iPhone 13 design is that it is going to be the first-ever iPhone without any charging ports. This means we will not have any charging cables to deal with. This may sound ridiculous to many, but the company is desperate to make its next iPhone, a smartphone from the future.

A port-less smartphone is expected to charge faster as wireless charging is faster.

We also have information that the iPhone 13 will not have any SIM card tray. This may suggest that Apple is planning to use eSIM functionality. For a company that is already maintaining ios, using the eSIM option doesn’t seem to be a surprise.

  • Cameras

iPhone has always been known for its high-quality cameras. There is no doubt that Apple will try to come with something new with iPhone 13. As far as we know iPhone 12 Pro is expected to have the same three-camera setup which means there is a chance that iPhone 13 may have something new and better.

A leaker shared an image of the iPhone 13 on Twitter that shows that the phone will have a quad-camera setup with LiDAR. However, the image was a questionable one with no confirmation or whatsoever. Other leakers also questioned the image. There is a high chance that it is 0% correct.

If you talk about the company, they haven’t given out even the slightest of hint on the iPhone 13 camera.

  • Display

The iPhone 13 may get a display promotion to optimise the viewing content. It is expected that they may use LTPO technology to control the battery life of the device. This information is derived from a supply chain partner.

There are rumours that the tech giant wants its Pro models to have 120Hz refresh rates. But at the same time, they may use some variants to prevent the loss of battery life. This can be achieved with the use of LTPO technology. This is the same technology that is used in Apple watches as well.

However, Ipad Pro comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, but it doesn’t have the said technology. So it’s hard to say what the makers are planning to do.

  • Touch ID

Apple has never made an iPhone that has both Touch ID and Face ID. But we can expect that to change with the new iPhone 13.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the company is planning to add an in-screen fingerprint sensor in its 2021 devices. He said that the company have checked both the biometric technologies and have found both of them to work well together.

Based on recent reports, there are questions if iPhone 12 will get Touch ID. However, we cannot be sure of anything right now as there are different stories from different sources.

The current version of Face ID has a problem and that it cannot recognize people with face masks. This is why Apple made a few changes to ios to suit the users with masks. This gives us hope that the company will bring back Touch ID in a better way.

A patent revealed that the company may pull that off with an in-display system equipped with microlenses to focus lenses on the user’s fingerprint. This is believed to improve the readability which is often affected by screen translucency.

  • 5G connectivity

According to a recent report by DigiTimes, we got to know that Apple may decide to focus the 5G modem on their new iPhone 13. It may either have sub-6GHz or millimeter-wave networks. However, this completely depends on where the phone will be shipped. As far as we know iPhone 12 will have both sub-6GHz and mmWave.

Based on another report by Digitimes, it is said that the iPhone 13 can come with liquid crystal polymer circuit boards which will help in quick data transmission. With 5G connectivity and LCP boards, it can accelerate apps like augmented reality and live streaming.

  • Cables and Connectors

Apple raised a lot of controversy regarding this in the past. We believe that they will once again repeat the same with iPhone 13 as well.

According to rumours, iPhone 13 is expected to be a portless phone. The portless design may sound odd to many, but it’s expected to be a big thing in the future of the mobile phone industry.

Apple may be designing iPhone 13 to be completely portless which means wireless charging is the only option. This may prove to be a good thing as users will be able to charge their devices quickly. Also, they don’t have to worry about their phone getting damaged due to overheating.

  • Fold or not?

Right now no hint suggests us iPhone 13 will be a foldable phone. But with Samsung launching foldable smartphones one after the other, Apple may decide to introduce the new design in their iPhones in the future.

Some reports say Apple has been testing flexible screens in the last two years. This could very well mean that the company is planning to implement the design in their future iPhone models. But for the 2021 iPhone, we don’t think it to be a folded device.

What to expect in iPhone 13?

Here are some things or rather features that we would love to see in the future iPhones.

  • Faster wireless charging

If Apple is ditching the lightning port, then they need to improve their slow wireless charging. It would be better if they would provide some sort of wireless charging solution in the box itself.

  • 128GB, standard

It’s high time that Apple starts offering phones with standard 128GB of internal storage. It would be great if all the iPhone 13 models get 128GB storage. It is offensive to spend more money on upgrading the storage of an already premium phone. The current iPhone models get only 64GB as standard storage.

  • Better camera zoom

Apple needs to work on its camera zooming abilities. The current zooming capacity is kind of annoying to users when shooting from a distance. Many users love to use an ultra-wide lens, but at the same time, telephoto is also important for taking close-up pictures of your subject. It would be great if Apple took a few lessons from other brands like Google.

  • 120Hz display

Having a smartphone with a fast refresh-rate display makes it easy and convenient to use. It makes every tap, scroll, and games so much more responsive. The 120Hz refresh rate can indeed be harsh on battery life, but Apple working on the refresh rate of their phones can go a long way for them. It is expected that iPhone 12 which will be released this year is expected to come with a 120Hz refresh rate.

iPhone 12 is on its way and iPhone 13 is one year away. But the excitement of users is unimaginable. For those who were curious to know about iPhone 13, hopefully, now you have got some idea about how the 2021 phone will be. However, all these details are either based on derived information or rumors. Therefore, they are subjected to change as well.

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