iPhone 14 To Come With Rotating Screen: New iPhone 14 concept Designs

After the success of the iPhone 12 series, iPhone enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for iPhone 13, which is expected to release later this year. But there is some exciting news circulating related to iPhone 14.

Designer, Michael Muleba, has proposed a new design for the upcoming iPhone 14. He wants iPhone 14 to be unique and different from all the other iPhone models that have been released so far. He envisions it to have a rotating screen with a long, vertical format.

There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the new iPhone 14 design. If you are intrigued to know more about it, you are in the right place.

New iPhone 14 Design

According to the designer, Michael Muleba, Apple may have plans to introduce a new design for iPhone 14, which is expected to arrive in 2022. He claims that iPhone 14 to have a rotating screen with a vertical format.

Smartphones with a rotating screen are nothing new as other smartphone companies like LG and Samsung have already introduced their versions in the market. It seems like Apple is trying to match their footsteps by giving a new design to iPhone 14.

First of all, the rotating screen feels like a slider phone. It is unique and something that we haven’t seen in a while. The kind of design they envision was last attempted by Palm and BlackBerry.

In this design, the screen slides open to reveal a secondary screen and both the hidden front cameras. Not just that, but it can also rotate at 90 degrees to give users a landscape experience and improved gaming on the go. This is also ideal for typing using the secondary screen and streaming.

However, sliders are prone to breakage. We use our phones for multiple hours a day. This type of design is not strong enough to withstand heavy use, especially for someone with feeble nerves. It may break or get damaged if you try to play with the sliding mechanism a bit too much.

But the good thing is Apple is well aware of the downsides of this particular design and they would never risk a too intricate mechanism. This is one of the biggest reasons why they haven’t tried their hands on foldable phones for now.

Apple smartphones are already battery-hungry devices. The last thing they would want is to introduce a slider design that is prone to breakage. However, the design surely looks cool. The problem is you will have to rotate the main screen at 90 degrees to use the front camera. More than iPhone 4 or 5, they are concerned about 3G and 3GS, with the shiny body and rounded edges.

As of now, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet. That’s because they are not sure about cutting the screen corners in such a curved manner. But they are surely planning something big and unique for iPhone 14. It’s been many years that the tech giant has not been very innovative. With all this news going around about iPhone 14 having a rotating screen, it is only stroking the excitement in Apple lovers.

What matters the most is that Apple is trying something different. They are trying to be bold. The materials for iPhone 14 would be key in its making. There are high chances that it will be thick and heavy in comparison to other iPhone models. But plastic is not a very good option for such a design.

iPhone 14 is a year away and we already have too many rumors and news circulating in the market. Only time will tell what to expect.

via Michael Muleba

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