Windows 12 Release Date, Features, And Concept

Windows 10 has been the primary operating system for Microsoft for the past 6 years. It is among one of the most successful Windows OS launched by the tech giant. After serving for more than half a decade, it’s time for Microsoft to introduce the next big thing i.e. Windows 12.

There is news circulating about an upcoming Windows. According to sources, Microsoft is planning to launch the new Windows 12 in 2021.

The tech giant has recently announced the launch of Windows 12 with several new features. The good thing is you can access the latest Windows 12 in many ways. The easiest method is to update your Windows 10 to Windows 12 from Microsoft’s official website.

Many of you must be wondering when Windows 12 is coming out? Or what is new in Windows 12? You can find answers to all your questions in the post below. Do give it a read.

About Windows 12

Windows users are once again excited to receive a new Windows version. For the last 6 years, users have been relying on Windows 10. But now it’s for them to upgrade their Windows to the new version. Before installing the new Windows OS, you must have an idea of the features to be expected.

Although Windows 10 is widely preferred by users, it has many drawbacks. One of them is the hanging issue. Microsoft is bringing Windows 12 to the table to cover all the drawbacks of Windows 10 and more.

The tech giant is desperately trying to make VR available for the public and that too at an affordable price. However, not much is known about it yet. We have very little idea of the capabilities of the upcoming Windows update. So you will either have to wait till Microsoft announces something again or Windows 12 is launched.

Expected Windows 12 Features

You must be excited to learn about the new changes and features that can be seen in Windows 12. Once you upgrade your Windows to Windows 12, you can expect to see the following changes in your system.

  • File explorer in dark mode

In today’s date, dark mode is considered to be a very popular feature in the modern user interface. This is why many products have this feature integrated into the user interface.

To catch up with the latest trends, Windows 12 is also equipped with the Dark Mode feature. You can apply it on Settings, Microsoft Edge, Calculator, Groove Music, and other default apps in Windows 12.

This is a very useful feature for those who work at night. It suppresses the exposure to blue light, so you can feel comfortable while working.

  • HDR support

HDR support is one of the newest features that is added in Windows 12. This is considered to be a very useful feature, especially when you are using a large-screen monitor.

Windows 12 is expected to have updated its new OS with some special options for HDR support. You can find the same in Settings. You can use the HDR support feature for anything from streaming videos to games to other applications.

  • Snip & Sketch

Snip & Sketch is one of the applications that is updated with multiple changes for Windows 12. This feature comes in handy when it comes to capturing screenshots.

It also allows you to scribble or edit the screenshots that you capture. Using the Snip & Sketch tool, you can perform many activities, such as marking, scribbling, and cropping.

Press Windows + Shift + S to capture a screenshot. After that, click on the image showing in the Floating Window. You can now edit the screenshot as per your requirements.

  • Texting from the laptop/desktop

The new Windows 12 update allows you to read and send SMS directly from your system. This can be achieved by synchronizing between Windows 12 on your PC and your Android smartphone.

With this new feature, you can immediately see the SMS you have received on your mobile phone. Not just that, but you can even reply from your Laptop. Besides reading and sending text messages, it also allows you to view photos from your phone’s gallery.

However, to access this feature, you need to first install Your Phone Companion or the Microsoft Launcher app on your smartphone. Once you install any of the mentioned apps on your phone, you can log into your Microsoft account that you have used on your PC.

Windows 12 Anticipated Editions

The most exciting part of the Windows 12 launch is that it is expected to launch with six different versions. We have the details below.

  • Starter

It is the basic version with fewer features and functionalities than other versions. It may not have a finished GUI series and configuration ability. It is also expected to be the lightest of all versions and thus, suitable for low-performance PC or netbooks.

  • Home Basic

From the name itself, you get an idea that this version is made for home computers. However, it is still unfinished and is very similar to the launcher app. It has better configuration and accessibility features.

  • Premium Home

This is an upgraded version of the Home Basic variant. It is expected to have more design and personalization functionality.

  • Professional

The next comes the Professional version that is designed to be flexible for both enterprises and consumers. It is expected to come with the Home Premium functionality. Besides that, it may have the capacity to secure electronically, archive, and encrypt information for data privacy.

  • Enterprise

This is an advanced Windows version that could be available with a different language kit. It is also expected to have a comprehensive set of electronic data safety and security tools. This makes it suitable for networked computers and businesses. You can get this version only from Microsoft’s corporate arrangement.

  • Ultimate

This is the final edition that is going to be distributed to the general public.

Windows 12 Release Date

In case, you didn’t know Microsoft has already launched a lighter version of Windows 12 last year. It is called the Windows 12 Lite and was launched on 11 February 2020.

The full version of Windows 12 is expected to arrive in 2022. However, nothing more is known about the initial Windows 12 release date of the new Windows OS. But looking at the current development, we can expect it to arrive by the end of this year.

The arrival of Windows 12 is expected to change the whole computing world for Windows users. The new Windows 12 is to arrive with new features and a lot of improvements that are going to cover all the drawbacks of Windows 10. But right now, we don’t have a release date for the new Windows.

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